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The Balanced Man Subscription Plan

Empowerment Elevation Plan: Unleashing Your Full Potential

The Balanced Man Retreat

Packages and Installment Plan

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Embark on a transformative journey with The Balanced Man Membership, a comprehensive subscription designed for men who are committed to elevating their personal and professional lives. For just $49 USD per month, unlock the door to a suite of resources meticulously curated to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • Personalized Fitness Plans

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Breathwork Technique

Program Features

Unveiling the Core Elements of Your Path to Empowerment

One Call per Week

Our program includes a weekly Zoom call every Tuesday at 5 pm Pacific Time, led by our Balanced Man guides. These interactive sessions are a blend of discussions, Q&A, and learning opportunities covering a range of personal growth topics. They provide a regular touchpoint for community engagement, personalized advice, and shared learning experiences. If you miss a live session, recordings are available for convenience. This weekly call is an essential part of our program, offering you consistent support and valuable insights for your development journey.

Personal Growth Tools

Our comprehensive program is designed to foster your personal growth and well-being. We equip you with a suite of tools, practices, and resources meticulously curated to enhance various aspects of your life.

  • Fitness Plan

  • Nutrition Plan

  • Breathwork Techniques

TBM Brotherhood

The TBM Brotherhood is a core part of our program, offering a supportive community of men committed to personal growth. This brotherhood is a network where members encourage and motivate each other, share diverse perspectives, and hold each other accountable. It's a place for genuine connection, networking, and shared learning. The TBM Brotherhood creates a safe, non-judgmental space for open discussions, helping each member on their journey towards resilience, emotional intelligence, and overall well-being. Being part of this brotherhood means having a lifelong support system that values and promotes collective and individual growth.

Discount to TBM Retreats

As a valued member of our program, you are entitled to a special benefit: a 20% discount on all TBM Retreats. This discount is more than just a cost-saving perk; it's a gateway to enriching personal development experiences. It makes our transformative retreats more accessible, encouraging you to engage deeply in your growth journey. Each retreat offers unique opportunities for learning and self-improvement, enhancing the diverse and vibrant community of the TBM Brotherhood. This exclusive member benefit is a testament to our commitment to your continuous growth and well-being, making it easier and more affordable for you to participate in these life-changing experiences.

One to one coach

Embark on a transformative journey with our One-to-One Coaching for just $500 per month. It's more than an investment in your career; it's an investment in yourself. Start today and unlock the potential for a brighter, more balanced tomorrow.

  • Personalized Guidance and Support

  • Strategic Goal Setting and Achievement

  • Holistic Development

  • Convenient and Flexible

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